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A Photographic Study

Hi, my name is Elishevlyne, and I'm a visual artist working on a black-and-white photo series. I am exploring the process of creating images that are "representative" or otherwise "inauthentic" to experience and how subject, author, and audience each play a role in this meaning-making process. Below is also a more detailed description of the project and short form for you to fill out.  You can look at some of my previous work here or read more about my ethos as an artist here.

Interest Form For Further Contact

Thanks for submitting!

What does this project entail? What would I be committing to?
The abbreviated version of the process is that you and I will pick a topic for us to explore together, we'll both make pictures separatelydiscuss the work we make, and then create a final portrait in a joint studio session. You don't have to consider yourself a photographer to participate in the project.

Whats the end goal of your project?
Personally, I'm just trying to learn more about the type of images I create and the impacts they can have, for better or for worse. Work product-wise, the photos will be displayed on campus as part of a CPA project. 

What do I get from this??
Such a real question; time is precious. You get to take pictures and to have pictures taken of you. You get to navigate the world thinking in a different mode than you might usually. If you want, I'm also so down to teach you how to develop black-and-white film and how to print in a darkroom too. You get to keep a print or two! 

Thanks for scrolling this far! Please fill out the short form above if you feel so inclined. I'm excited to grapple with what we create together.

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