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Hey, I'm Elishevlyne. I'm a writer and artist born in Aurora, Colorado. I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut. I'm Ghanaian-American, in that order. I mostly do independent fine art and digital projects, as well as documentary and portraiture work. As a writer, I most enjoy writing essays and prose. 

For me, art is about expression and ego work. It is about learning about the lives I will never have the oft-painful privilege of living. It is about reminding myself that writing is a necessary endeavorthat meaning does come from putting enough letters in the right order for enough time, from trusting my own instincts page after page. That's why I write and take photos: to understand myself and the world, to come to my own conclusions, to unravel those newfound answers, again and again and again.


For inquiries or to book, email:

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